Africa Mason


Africa Mason


Africa Mason
  • Most memorable sporting moment: My first cross-country race at Counties, it was tough but I loved it!
  • Most inspiring teacher at school: Mr Wallace who taught tag rugby, I really enjoyed it although I wasn't much good at catching the ball.
  • Favourite sport to watch: I really enjoy watching all sports; I love it when the Olympics are on because you get to watch things you wouldn't usually. I would say track cycling and triathlon are quite exciting and also gymnastics because it's aesthetically impressive.
  • Favourite sport to take part in: Triathlon! 3 sports which I love (Swimming, cycling and running).
  • Best advice given: I had a coach when I was young who taught me that when you really want something you should give your "Maximum effort" when the going gets tough, my coach sadly passed away but this has stuck with me and whenever I need to dig deep I think of that phrase and it spurs me on.
  • Tell me something unusual about yourself: I once played Sandy in my school production of Grease! Although I don’t do musical theatre anymore I used to try lots of different things at school until I eventually found what I enjoyed and was good at.
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