Tashan Hurmal-Russell


Tashan Hurmal-Russell


Tashan Hurmal-Russell
  • Most memorable sporting moment: Running for Kent AC in Battersea. Performing in the 400m and 4x400m Relay and this day I reached my PB equal to my height in the High Jump.
  • Most inspiring teacher at school: A lady by the Name Mrs Rennie. She was my Primary School teacher and her character was naturally uplifting for me.
  • Favourite sport to watch: I enjoy watching Athletics and Basketball.
  • Favourite sport to take part in: High Jump.
  • Best advice given: Don't just be a jack of all trades! Master One!
  • Tell me something unusual about yourself: I have a very all rounded knowledge on various things. I studied Music Technology, work as a photographer and videographer, I can fix my own Brake Pads, been DJ-ing for 10 years+, I know how to create a website, I have attempted Pole Vault and I have helped to teach people how to drive and had people pass with my assistance. A Student said "learning with you, I feel less pressure and more relaxed". So I am an all rounder kind of Guy and like to learn by doing.
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